Cinematography- The Dop’s Beautiful Artwork!


Photography is a vast subject in which there are multiple types and genres. Film photography is quite popular yet tough one! It’s not that easy as we imagine or think about it. It takes a lot of risks and passion for pursuing it as a career!

What’s Cinematography?

Cinematography is the art of motion-picture photography and filming through an image sensor electronically or through light-sensitive material called film stock chemically.


Who’s a DOP?

DOP( Director of Photography) is also called a cinematographer.A Cinematographer or a DOP is one of the main pillars to build a stunning palace called “A successful movie.”The cinematographer is the chief who stands behind the camera and shoots the whole movie. At the same time, he has the freedom to chose what lighting is appropriate in every particular place.

Evolution of Photography along with Cinematography:

Francis Ronalds was the first person to invent the successful camera in which continuous recordings were possible.
Roundhay Garden Scene was the first motion picture or an experimental film filmed by Louis Le Prince in England shot through a paper film.
Later on, people started to direct, produce films, starting from motion pictures to Black to white movies to Color movies to 3-D film to 5-D movies to 8-D movies to the 10-D cinema too. That’s quite a long journey indeed!

Let’s look at the Significant ingredients that constitute the recipe of Cinematography!

1. Eye Of The Camera- The Lens:

Just like the human eye, the camera’s lens creates perspectives on what we look at and how we look at things. Lens enhances the view by adding special effects, filters, look, color, etc. A perfect cinematographer knows what lenses to choose at what time!

2. Know About Cinema Technique – A Perfect Cinema:

As the evolution of cameras and cinematography took place, there were inventions one after the other. For example, tripods were helpful for the filmmakers and cinematographers to place their cameras at one point and quickly shoot the films!
In the same way, they started to discover more techniques to make a movie, and now here we are enjoying the best films with beautiful cinematographies. The credit goes to all the DOPs out there who picturise the movie beautifully.

Some Of The Tips That One Must Follow To Become An Ideal Dop!

1. The camera setup gives a get-up!

One must learn about the distance focal length from the camera to the object and the placement of the camera.
It’s vital to know because every minute thing defines the importance of a scene and a character in the movie.

2. Lighting:

Cinematographers use different lightings to express other emotions in the films; High-key lighting portrays joy, happiness, and low-key lighting to portray sadness and depression. Be aware of these.


3. Composition:

A perfect cinematographer will always know how to ‘compose’ a scene and decides how a particular location should look.

4. Co-ordination is important:

A cinematographer should coordinate with the crew members of the movie team or the production team to know about the sites’ locations, weather, and climate and figure out the visuals.

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